On Sunday, my parents and my sister and my cousins came to Hamada. We went to Aquas. I went there after a long time. My cousin's son were intereted in fishes but weren't interested in white dolphins and seals((+_+))



  On 9th July, we went to sea after we cleaned camp place. That day was funny and hot!! I wanted to come in the sea;( But I couldn't come in ((+_+)) So I dipped in my legs. I was cool (^-^) I did a watermelon bust because I won the game of "scissors-paper-rock". I did it for the first time! We spent two hours pleasantly at the seashore (^◇^)♥


 On 8th July, I participate in camp of tennis club. So we went to Iwami seaside park. We ate BBQ and drank bottled beers and shochu and so on. While I was eating and was drinking, I talked with tennis club members. We also did sparklers in the sea (^◇^) In the sea, we can see fireflies of sea (*^_^*) Stars were twinkling in the sky☆ So we lied down on the sandy beach and we
overlooked in the sky. I had a good time♥


Korean friends part2 ♥

  On Thursday, I went to Murasaki with annyon circle members and students of Ulusan university. We drank many alcoholic drinks and ate many foods \(^o^)/ But I want to drink more! In the old days, I couldn't drink alcoholic drinks. However, I can drink quite a lot (●^o^●)

 We went to karaoke after Murasaki. We sang Japanese songs and Korean songs. But I don't know Korean songs much (>_<) So I want to remember Korean song!! And I want to sing with Korean people (^◇^) I have a good time♥ I was glad that students of Ulusan university look fun!!

Dinner for having a poor appetite

 On Monday, I wanted to eat light food so I cooked Hiyashityuka. It is very easy to cook. I boil men and put cucumbers and tomatoes, eggs, ham and so on (^◇^) So it is easy and delicious. In Summer, we have a poor appetite because of the heat ((+_+)) When I have a poor appetite, I often eat it!! This is good for my health \(^o^)/

 On Wednesday, I cooked Yakisoba because Yakisoba expired best if used ((+_+)) So I have to eat it soon!! I have had more than enough of Yakisoba of normal. So I tried to take kimchi in it!! It was so hot because I took kimchi too much in it (T_T) But it was delicious and I thought that it was effective to prevent me from having a poor appetite (^◇^)


Korean friends♥

  On Thursday, annyon club had exchange meeting with university of Korea. Now students of Korean university study in my university. They study Japanese and Japanese culture. Our club treated them to cook takikomi gohan and butajiru, rice balls, mitarashi-dango. They pressed many rice ball into shape. They looked very fun so I also was very glad \(^o^)/ I was worried about making friends with Korean students at first ((+_+)) But they were friendly and were easy to speak with them!! Moreover, they are so beautiful and I don't look women of my age (ToT)ww I want to exchange more and I want to get along very well more!!


  I like Kana Nishino (●^o^●) She is a popular singer in Japan! She sings love songs of her experience. So her song is sad and painful and great!! I borrowed their CDs from senior of part-time job^^ I didn't have to buy her CDs so I was glad that I got her CDs \(^o^)/ I want to go to her live (*^_^*)


I love fruits♥

  This is loquats. I got many loquats from a vice-chief of my part-time job after my part-time job. He gave me loquats because They will spoil soon. So this is little bruised (T_T) Though there are tasteless loquats, some loquats taste sweet♥

  This is an American cherry. When I went to my hometown in other days, I ate this. American cherry is one of my favorite fruits♥ I prefer American cherry to normal cherry. Moreover, what a surprise! This American cherry bears two cherries (●^o^●) It is rare to bears two cherries.

  I like fruits (●^o^●) But fruits is expensive so I don't eat fruits often ((+_+))



  On Friday, I watched "Mononokehime" on TV. Mononokehime is a work of Jiburi. The work of jiburi is very very good!! Mononokehime is one of my favorite the work of jiburi (^◇^)♥ Though there is little scene which hurt my feelings, this is good story!! The hero's name is Ashitaka. He has a strong sense of responsibility and he is so cool (*^o^*) I watch this many times:) But I don't lose interest in Mononokehime at all (●^o^●) So I want to watch this!!!



I like comic♥ Especially I like "ONE PIECE". This is a famous comic.
This mechanical pencil is Chopper which appears on ONE PIECE! I like Chopper (●^o^●) He is a reindeer. He is very pretty♥ Ryo gave me this! When he went to Okayama, he bought it. So this Chopper looks Momotaro (^◇^) 



  From Friday to Sunday, I returned my hometown. My parents took me restaurant. I returned my hometown by train. When I arrived and I ate dinner with my father in Tomato and Onion. We ate a steak (●^o^●) I ate a steak after a long time(^-^) So it was delicious:)

 On Sunday, I went Enyagohan for lunch with my mother, sister and cousin, cousin's baby. I wanted to eat lunch which limit quantitatively. But when I went there, the lunch was sold out ((+_+)) I was shocked (T_T) But this picture's lunch was very delicious!! I want to go there again when I return my hometown next time.


  I like coffee very much♥ I drink three cups a day. When I must stay up late, I often drink coffee. Especially, I must drink coffee at any cost in the morning!! Because I wake up! If I don't drink coffee in the morning, I feel sleepy in that day.
  The mugs of this picture is my favorite mugs♥ I bought their mugs in Tokyo Disney Land when I went there on March \(^o^)/ It is so pretty and I decided to buy them!! Now when I use their mugs and drink coffee, I'm happy (●^o^●)

Happy Birthday!!

 On 21th June, the day was Soichiro's birthday \(^o^)/ Tennis club members planed to celebration of his birthday. We wrote a message card for him until that time. In that day's lunch break, me and Rika told Soichiro to come and went to tennis club's room together. In there, other tennis club members were hiding. When he opened the door, tennis club members sprang out and took him by surprise!!! He was surprised and was pleased (●^o^●) Our plan was a great success (^-^)

In afternoon, we went to eat in Joyfull. I ate a hamburger with sauce! This hamburger puts in cheese♥ So it was delicious \(^o^)/

In night, it had Soichiro's birthday party in friend's house!
The friend cooked hash and rice for us. It was so delisious♥ He cooks well!!!

So-chan! Happy Birth Day!!!


Korean movie

 I watched movie with my friend in media center. I watched "Ms. Kanna is a great success!". This story is love and comedy. Ms. Kanna have a beautiful voice and her dream is a singer. But she is fat and plain looks so I worked at backstage. One day a man who Ms. Kanna love said her slander. She hears it and was shocked! So she decide to change!
 This is very interesting (●^o^●) I wanted to burst out laughing. However, we must be quiet in media center. So I kept a straight face. I want to watch the next installment quickly \(^o^)/


day camp

On 19th June, I went to university because I had club activity. I belong to YEH which is functioning to eliminate hunger and poverty. Today had a event of YEH. We studied about hunger and poverty, and played volleyball to make friends with club members, and thought about club activity. This event is called "Day Camp".

It was pleasant for me to play volleyball (●^o^●) However, I didn't play volleyball much. I have never belonged to volleyball. But I played volleyball only summer when I was elementary school student. So I like to play volleyball \(^o^)/ I have sore arm because I played volleyball after a long time.


Today's dinner

I cooked penne of eggplants and tuna, tomato in dinner. It can cook easy. I fried the eggplants by olive oil and put a tomato and tuna and simmered them. Then I put penne which boiled in it. At last, I seasoned it. So It is simple and good (^-^) Next time I will cook penne which is different of seasoning (●^o^●)

My seminar

On 16th June, I went to eat and drink alcoholic drinks with my seminar. This time had in union with other seminar. We have never drunk with the seminar. So I was little nervous because I have never spoken with some students. However, everyone is friendly and was easy to speak (●^o^●) So we grew livelier \(^o^)/

I ate a strawberry parfait at the last. It was delicious!! However, my state of mind was bad because this parfait was nothing but fresh cream at the bottom of it ((+_+)) I might drink too much (T_T) But I like to drink alcoholic drinks♪ I want to know my limit which I can drink!!


tennis club activity

 Here is a tennis court of university of Shimane. On 15th June, I played tennis with tennis club members in evening. As that day was a general meeting, we couldn't play tennis only a few time. But I pleasantly could play tennis \(^o^)/
 That day's sky in evening was so beautiful!!

I went to eat in Ousho(王将) with tennis club members after tennis club activity. I ate a golden fried rice and suigyouza. I prefer suigyouza to ordinary gyouza. While we were eating, we were talking about various things. So I had a pleasant meal (●^o^●)

B class gourmet

This is yakisoba and takoyaki. Their dish is called "B class gourmet". I cooked yakisoba after part-time job. However, takoyaki was different. A stall's shopkeeper which opens the stall in front of supermarket gave me takoyaki:) He gave me obanyaki beyond this. They were delicious (^-^)


Super Junior "sorry, sorry"

This group is the idol singer of Korea "Super Junior". They are very popular in Japan. They is composed of thirteen members. I can't memorize their name because there are a lot of members in Super Junior. On 9th June, I used their song and studied Korean with Korean study club members. We used "sorry, sorry" of their songs. When I went to Korea in last summer, my Korean friends often sang this song at karaoke. So this song is famous in Korea! We translated into the words of this song. However, we can't translated it only us. While the superior taught us Korean, we translated it because the superior went abroad to study in Korea. So I could translate it \(^o^)/ I memorize this song and I want to sing at karaoke

Cold Pasta

 Today's lunch is a cold pasta. I ate it for the first time. Speaking of pasta, the hot pasta is a usual. So I thought that the cold pasta isn't delicious (*_*; But it was delicious than I had expected!! It becomes more hot from now on. If I eat it in hot day, I can feel cool. However, this isn't my own home cooking ((+_+)) This is retort-packed food. So next time I want to cook a cold pasta that I made myself!!

Today's sky

I took this picture in today's evening because the sky was so beautiful♥ The sky was mixed blue and purple. So the sky was beautiful, however, I felt something mysterious about the sky. But I like such the sky, too (●^o^●) We have a lot of rain in June. So the sky is overcast (T_T) I am disappointed that I can't see such the beautiful sky;( So I wish the rainy season is over quickly!!


On 11th Jun, I went to eat in Nanohana with my friend after I finished my part-time job (●^o^●) Nanohana is a smorgasbord restaurant which we can eat as much as we like in a time limit \(^o^)/ I ate Subuta and spaghetti and so on. Of course, I ate some sweets, too♥ So I have eaten so much that my stomach feels heavy ((+_+)) But every dish was very delicious:) And the price is cheap!! I want to go to eat again (*^_^*)



On Thursday,  I had takoyaki party with my friends:) But we didn't put an octopus in takoyaki because the octopus was expensive ((+_+)) So we put Vienna sausages in takoyaki on behalf of the octopus. We put other things in takoyaki. For example, cheese and  kimchi. If we put them in takoyaki, takoyaki is more delicious (●^o^●) After eating takoyaki, we ate ice cream \(^o^)/ Though I have had plenty, I ate up ice cream in the twinkling of an eye:^) I love ice creams♥


only one watch in the world

Our watch are only one in the world \(^o^)/www
Aren't they cute?♥ But they have a fault ((+_+)) Their time keep stopping (^◇^;)


Today's dinner

Today's dinner was beef stew:)
I was vexing because there are no carrots ((+_+))
But it was delicious:^P


Today is hot day ((+_+)) So I ate a ice cream with friend:) I ate Haagen-Dazs. I ate crepe of Haagen-Dazs for the first time. It was delicious♥ But it is more expensive than ordinary ices. Ordinary ices are 126 yen on the average. But Haagen-Dazs is more than about 300 yen (;O;) It isn't kind for my wallet;( So I rarely couldn't eat it! But it is delicious♪

I like Takoyaki

 On the other day, I made takoyaki and eat it for dinner only me because my mother sent me takoyaki machine. Takoyaki is easy to make and it is very delicious! So takoyaki is just right for dinner:) But to make takoyaki only me is lonely;( So next time I will make takoyaki and eat it with my friends \(^o^)/ However, I sometimes make and eat takoyaki for my dinner (●^o^●)w

Tennis exchange meeting

 On Sunday, I played tennis with tennis club members and residents of Hamada. In the morning, an old man taught me the fundamentals of tennis. The old man is vigorous, but little strict ((+_+)) But the old man had an insight my peculiarities. So I could get over my wrong peculiarities. I thought that the man was a great man!!! My weak point was hitting by back. However, thanks to the old man, I could enter over the net \(^o^)/ In the afternoon, we played matchs with ladies. They play tennis very well!! So my pair couldn't win (;O;) But we had a precious game (T_T) I deeply regret that I was not more careful. I find out my problems. I want to improve my problems. In the day, the sun was beating down on and it was hot day (*_*; So I had gotten sunburn (;O;) I did part-time job after tennis. Person of the store told me "Your skin are black!" So I was shocked;( However, I like tennis, so there's nothing I can do about it:)

I have no money...

 I met with my friend at supermarket by accident after part-time job. She invited me to eat dinner (●^o^●) I had no money (ToT) But I wanted to go to eat. So we went to Mameda. I ate soup curry. We talked various talking about while we ate. We talked about love and job hunting and so on. So We had a pleasant dinner though her unexpected invitation  \(^o^)/ I had had no more money in my wallet (;O;) But I was good to go to eat!!!


My Sassy Girl

On Thursday, I watched Korean movie with club activity. I wached "My Sassy Girl". This story is love and comedy. The hero is a student of university and meet with the beautiful heroine by accident. She is sassy and her favorite phrase is "Do you want to kill?" ww But she has the miserable past;( And the hero is gradually charmed by such her:) I watched this movie twice. This movie is good story even if I watch it any number of times (●^o^●) So please watch this movie \(^o^)/



 I bought many souvenir from Vienna and Budapest, Prague. I bought ballpoints and T-shirts in each country. I want my family and my friends to be glad \(^o^)/

First Flight

I have never taken a plane. So when I went to Europe, I took a plane for the first time (*^_^*) My father said, "The plane may fall to the ground. Plane is a fearful transportation." He made me be fearful before I go to Europe. But I wasn't  fearful when I took a plane. On the contrary I was comfortable because I could watch Japanese movies and I could eat delicious dishes. Especially, I was impressed the glow of the predawn sun. The top of cloud was mystic.

Europe Travel

 In Golden Week, I went to Vienna, Budapest, Prague \(^o^)/ I published blog contest some pictures. But I took more pictures!! So I want to introduce my traveling:)

In Vienna

                                                   This is a church.
Many people is sitting and is talking with friends and lovers.

                                In cafe, we took a rest.                                
 I ate a apple pie (●^o^●)

This is the stronghold of the Vienna philharmonic orchestra. 

 This is a palace which Maria Theresia and her daughter Marie Antoinette spent here during summer. This palace is extensive!!

 This is a symbol of Vienna.

This is a tree-lined road.
When we walked this road, we fell into a good mood:)

In Budapest
This is a church.
When I went there, a couple was holding a wedding ceremony.
The bride was beautiful (●^o^●)

This is ices of rose.
This was adorable and delicious!

This is the chain bridge.
Budapest is famous for the night view.

In Prague

 This is a draft beer and chicken.
The draft beer was easy to drink than Japanese beer:)

This is the Prague castle.

 This is the Charles Bridge.
The Bridge was thronged with people.

This is marionettes which we bought in Prague.
Left is a Pinocchio and Right is a Czech clown.